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Application Pictures

Flow Racks

With our family of unique connectors and hardware components many iterations of custom dunnage racks can be built to suit your specific needs.

Custom Enclosures

Many of today's machine tool shops are moving their CMM's to the shop floor. MPG can offer a custom enclosure to suit most any environment. MPG also specializes in designing and manufacturing clean rooms for the Pharmaceutical, food and water manufacturing industries.
Machine Safety Guarding

MPG designs, builds and installs custom machine guards like these.

Stand alone guards are pre-assembled as shown above then separated into sections and shipped to your facility on pallets.

Point of Use Carts

MPG can design and build any style cart that you require.

Mobile five shelf rack

Mobile Drying Racks

Cutting Tool Cart

Mobile Drying Rack

Custom Lean Cells and Work Stations

Lean tool work cells with interlocking tables and supply support carts.

Work holding fixture with flip station and manual clamping


Custom Made Products

What can MPG design and build for you?

Basic framework
Panel Framework
Beginning Assembly
The ready model

Show Display

This multipurpose, virtually indestructable cabin is made from aluminum and stainless steel. So versatile it can be adapted to suit any number of situations and environments. The modular building system can be custom designed to suit a wide range of applications.
This revolutionary design is based around a rigid aluminum framework which forms the core structure of the modular building. Each interlocking metre square panel is fastened to adjoining sections by a patented locking system, simple enough for anyone to assemble yet robust enough to withstand extremes of external conditions.
Terrariums are enclosures designed to provide an ideal habitat for plants and sometimes animals (a vivarium). They are meant to mimic the ecosystem of the plants and animals they house. Terrariums are the perfect display for a plant collection or a pet. This terrarium features an aluminum frame, acrylic panels, a pvc coated steel mesh false bottom and an acrylic top. It is octagon shaped, 8ft tall and 5ft in diameter. There is enough room underneath the terrarium for 5.5 gallon sump tanks, pumps, heaters and electronics. There are double doors on each side of the terrarium, with handles that latch into place.
The false bottom collects all excess water in the cage, filters it, heats it and pumps it back into the terrarium for a waterfall and pond. There is a support running across the center of the false bottom, making the terrarium strong enough to stand inside of.
It has a Pro Products Pro Mist system to water the plants and keep the humidity high. The mist system is fed by a 5.5 gallon tank under the terrarium. Timer controls run the mist system twice per day for 3 minutes at a time. All excess water falls through the soil to the false bottom to be reclaimed.
The lighting is a 400 watt metal halide, with the fixture piped into the terrarium with 4in duct. This allows a fan to keep the bulb cool and reclaim the heat it gives off to keep the terrarium warm. There is enough light for most bromeliads at the top of the terrarium, and enough at the bottom for lower light plants.